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    Tenshi Dojo Is Temporarily Closed.
Due to Lose Of Training Space
Maybe you have a space suitable for a dojo?
Please Feel Free to Contact Us for More Info
Many Blessings

                        Bend Aikido

                Welcome to Bend Aikido and Takayama Dojo

Takayama Dojo (translated as Tall Mountain) was originally founded in 1997 as a small private dojo on Bends westside. 

Takayama Dojo was created for the purpose of providing a physically and emotionally safe place for community members to learn practical and effective methods of self–defense through the use of the Japanese Martial Art of Aikido, as exemplified and developed by its founder, Morihei Ueshiba.   

OSensei - Founder of AikidoAikido was developed by Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969) who was known as O-Sensei (Great Teacher). Even as a young man O-Sensei was an extraordinary martial artist, a master of the sword, the staff, the spear, and the art of jujutsu. He also had a stong spiritual drive and brooded over the futility of a path based on victory over others. O-Sensei combined his life study of martial, philosophical and spiritual disciplines with his personal genius to create a form of budo dedicated to the protection of life. "The secret of Aikido," he wrote, "is to harmonize with the movement of the universe and bring ourselves into accord with the universe itself." O-Sensei maintained that aikido is a work of love, a path to overcome discord in ourselves and bring peace to the world, and "to make the heart of the universe one's own heart." O-Sensei was fond of the multiple layers of interpretation that the word “aikido” provided and encouraged his students to peel away at the layers of aikido like layers of an onion.  He often referred to aikido as a spiritual love whose function is to unify the world and to reconcile the discord of the universe. 

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